Why You Should Consider Living Off Campus

Why You Should Consider Living Off Campus

Living in the dorms of your campus might seem like a great idea at first, but there are a lot of perks you might be missing out on which is why, you should also opt for considering off campus accommodation.

Save Money

Saving Money off campus? Surprising isn’t it? There is a fair comparison of your money being saved as compared to living in dorms because dorms have additional costs for food, water, security etc that can drain your budget in no time. Splitting rent and buying your own food would result in better options as well as be less heavy on your wallet.

Freedom and Privacy

Dorms have strict set of rules and regulations that have to be followed. This includes a time curfew, no pet rule, no candles and even no guests after hours. These rules are kept in check by a warden that will keep a sharp eye on you. Off campus living gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want. You can keep pets, enjoy late nights out etc.

More Facilities

There are relatively more amenities available off campus to you than in dorms. This is because you can go to the gym, or fitness centre nearby, have your own parking space, which gives you a little luxury in living; and who doesn’t want that?

Personal Space

Living in your own home or sharing an apartment buys you your own personal space and privacy. This means you can study in peace, watch a movie alone, set up your space according to your own creativity and liking, as well as have access to your own bathroom and full kitchen to cook in.

A Taste of Practical Life

Dorm bills are paid annually, which is convenient for some students, but that does not make you learn or experience anything about the outside world and life. When you live off campus, whether you share an apartment or not, you deal with paying your own bills, buying groceries, cooking your own food, and even build your own credit for apartment rent lease. This teaches you a lot about practical life.

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