Why You Should Consider Living Off Campus

Why You Should Consider Living Off Campus

Living in the dorms of your campus might seem like a great idea at first, but there are a lot of perks you might be missing out on which is why, you should also opt for considering off campus accommodation.

Save Money

Saving Money off campus? Surprising isn’t it? There is a fair comparison of your money being saved as compared to living in dorms because dorms have additional costs for food, water, security etc that can drain your budget in no time. Splitting rent and buying your own food would result in better options as well as be less heavy on your wallet.

Freedom and Privacy

Dorms have strict set of rules and regulations that have to be followed. This includes a time curfew, no pet rule, no candles and even no guests after hours. These rules are kept in check by a warden that will keep a sharp eye on you. Off campus living gives you the freedom to live your life the way you want. You can keep pets, enjoy late nights out etc.

More Facilities

There are relatively more amenities available off campus to you than in dorms. This is because you can go to the gym, or fitness centre nearby, have your own parking space, which gives you a little luxury in living; and who doesn’t want that?

Personal Space

Living in your own home or sharing an apartment buys you your own personal space and privacy. This means you can study in peace, watch a movie alone, set up your space according to your own creativity and liking, as well as have access to your own bathroom and full kitchen to cook in.

A Taste of Practical Life

Dorm bills are paid annually, which is convenient for some students, but that does not make you learn or experience anything about the outside world and life. When you live off campus, whether you share an apartment or not, you deal with paying your own bills, buying groceries, cooking your own food, and even build your own credit for apartment rent lease. This teaches you a lot about practical life.

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Best Attractions in Boca Raton

Best Attractions in Boca Raton

Boca Raton is famous for its beautiful beaches which draws residents and tourists from around the world. However, the city offers a number of excellent attractions apart from the beaches which are perfect for you to visit along with family and friends.

For those who live in the Waterford Bay apartment complex, the attractions are within easy driving distance and a great way to discover unique locations in the city.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

Located on the north side of Red Reef Park, the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center brings the wildlife of the region to you. Perfect for both kids and adults, the center offers nature trails, feedings at the aquariums, and many of the indigenous plants that make up this part of Florida. One of the main attractions is the scenic boardwalk where you can take in so much of the surrounding area. Plus, this is an excellent place to visit during the off-season when the weather is cooler. Admission is free, though there is a suggested $5 donation.

Minzer Park

If Boca Raton has a singular landmark, the stunning Minzer Park is it. Offering the perfect gathering place for the community, Minzer Park is centrally located and offers the Boca Raton Museum of Art as one of the main attractions. Plus, there is a movie theater, high-end department stores, eateries, designer boutiques, an outdoor amphitheater, and so much more. Arguably the best part of Minzer Park is that it offers so many attractions without having to pay a dime.

Red Reef Park

If you could only visit one beach in Boca Raton, Red Reef Park should be the choice. The stunning setting provides adults and kids with the perfect way to spend the day. You can enjoy numerous water activities which include snorkeling to see the wide variety of marine life that is just below the surface. Plus, you can swim out to the many rocks and reefs in the area which is usually not that crowded compared to many other beaches in South Florida.

Sugar Sand Park

A big favorite of families, Sugar Sand Park offers a vast playground for kids and adults to run around and enjoy. There is also a complete gym, athletic courts, and nature trails that provides both indoor and outdoor activities. You can also play in the water park, sand box, and the iconic carousel that draws in visitors from around the region. There is even a science center that brings the wonders of the earth to kids and adults alike.

Wick Theatre & Costume Museum

For those who love theatrical productions, this is the place for you. The wide range of costumes from so many different eras provides hours of enjoyment for the theater buff. There is usually a play scheduled the year-round, making it a complete experience for those who enjoy live productions.

If you have just moved to Boca Raton and live in the Waterford Bay apartment complex, you can take advantage of the attractions the city has to offer. All of them are relatively close and make for the perfect getaway if you have a few hours to spare.

Come enjoy the attractions Boca has to offer with us.  Waterford Bay is perfect for your every need.  Give us a call at (561) 220-6398 for more information.

Photo by David Moynahan/FWC.

Nightlife in Boca Raton

With all the things to see and do in Boca Raton during the day, the city does not let up on expectations for its nightlife. You will find plenty of bars, pubs, restaurants, dance clubs, and more to bring many hours of entertainment. This is in addition to the many warm nights that are present the year-round which allows you to roam the city and find new discoveries.

If you live in the Waterford Bay apartments, you’ll want to know about the great nightlife that Boca Raton has to offer. What follows are some of the more popular places and venues that helps make this community special.

Black Rose Irish Pub

One of the more popular pubs in Boca Raton and for good reason, the Black Rose Irish Pub offers the perfect place to relax and chat with friends. You can delve into traditional pub activities such as darts, pool, and watching sports on the flat screens. In fact, the pub offers a great outdoor seating area for the year-round warm nights which makes it perfect for viewing the latest sporting events.

Funky Biscuit

If you enjoy live music, the Funky Biscuit is for you. From reggae to jazz to R&B and so much more, the Funky Biscuit is the perfect small venue for artists and performers from many different music genres. You can check out their calendar to see what artists and bands are performing. Plus, the atmosphere of the club is second to none in providing that unique vibe that only live music can offer.

Lion & Eagle English Pub

Good friends, good beer, and good times can all be had at the Lion & Eagle English Pub. A traditional English pub that serves traditional English food, such as bangers, the pub is also one of the best places to catch sporting events on the big flat screens, especially English or soccer.  

The Duck Tavern

For a hole-in-the-wall location, The Duck Tavern is one of the more special places in Boca Raton. While the setting is simple, the atmosphere is perfect for those who want to munch on wings, enjoy a cold beer, and take pleasure in each other’s company. Unpretentious is a word that is often used to describe The Duck Tavern and their low prices make it an even more inviting draw.

Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas

If you love wine, then the Vino Wine Bar & Italian Tapas is for you. Located inside a strip mall, this relatively small place offers a large selection of wines, almost 300 bottles that are available by the cup. There is plenty of live entertainment and the bar gives off a jazz vibe, making it perfect for those who want a relaxing evening with family and friends.

There are plenty of things to do when the sun goes down in Boca Raton. For those who reside in the Waterford Bay apartment complex, finding the perfect bar, club, or venue is no problem thanks to the many activities that this remarkable city has to offer.

Come enjoy the nightlife with us.  Waterford Bay is perfect for your every need.  Give us a call at (561) 220-6398 for more information.

Best Parks In Boca Raton

Florida is the place everyone heads to during the summer or when they want to relax and enjoy life. Boca Raton is located in Southeastern Florida and is famous for its beaches, parks and liveliness. People visit the city mainly for this reason. If you want to relax at some of the best parks in Boca Raton, then you need to head to Sugar Sand Park, Patch Reef Park and Spanish River Park as they are truly the best. These parks have a reputation of hosting the best parties and having beautiful views.

Sugar Sand Park

The Sugar Sand Park is a favorite among families and is 132 acres. There are plenty of amenities for everyone. Children can play at the water park, playground or the carousel. Whereas, others can hit the nature trails, athletic courts or the full gym, there is something for the entire family. There are extensive picnic facilities and a Willow Theatre to watch shows.

Many people refer to the park as one of best parks in Boca Raton. The park is located just 2 miles South of Downtown Boca. The Sugar Sand Park is open every day from 8 in the morning to 11 at night. The park is a perfect treat for just about everybody and is an ideal place to beat the heat. A trip to Boca Raton isn’t complete without having been to the Sugar Sand Park.

Patch Reef Park

If you are looking for a more community centered park in Boca Raton, the Patch Reef Park is the park you need to visit. The park consists of 55 acres of active and passive recreational amenities making it one of the best parks in Boca Raton. There is just about everything for everyone at the park. You can use any of the park amenities to have fun such as the baseball or softball fields, the community center, basketball court, football/ soccer fields, fitness trail, tennis court, picnic pavilion or the playground for children. The park is open to public from Monday to Saturday.

Head to the Patch Reef Park and enjoy your time at Boca Raton. The park is perfectly located in the heart of Boca Raton. It is easy to get to the park from different parts of the city.

Spanish River Park

Finally, another amazing park which considered as one of the best parks in Boca Raton is the Spanish River Park. It is also referred to as the Boca Raton’s Lagoon due to its western side which has a stream. Now, you can’t swim at the lagoon and there are active life guards on duty that will prevent you from doing so for your own safety. However, you can access the Atlantic Beach. There are many nature trails which can be explored at the park or you can hit the picnic area for grilling. If you have a license, you can also consider fishing as it is permitted. It is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

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Best Bars in Boca Raton

The Team at Waterford Bay Apartments understands that after a busy week of work or just wanting to unwind, some of the best nightlife in Florida exists in Boca Raton. And, when living in Boca Raton, one has to hit the bars. There are plenty of bars in this beautiful city. Boca Raton is truly a paradise and a location which is ideal for summer getaways. People from all over the country, flock to the town searching for a summer away from the mundane. No trip to Boca Raton would be complete without hitting the bars that bring the city to life.

Summer can get particularly hot in Boca Raton and if you want to cool off, then hit one of the many bars. Locals love meeting visitors and all you have to do is strike a conversation and who knows where it could go. There is always something happening at the best bars in Boca Raton. Here is a list of the best bars in Boca Raton to bring out the inner devil within you.

The Duck Tavern
Anyone looking for more variety in terms of people and delicious wings should head to the Duck Tavern. Sip some of the coldest beer and watch people get by. The environment at the club is entirely unpretentious, and it can be refreshing to see people letting their hair down to have some fun. On top of that, the happy hour prices are the best.

Duck Tavern
5903 N Federal Hwy
Boca Raton, FL 33487
(561) 998-8288

Mizner Park
One of the best bars in Boca Raton is Mizner Park. It features shopping galore, culture, dining, and entertainment. It is an upscale open-air mall. The restaurants located in the mall turn into nightclubs as the night begins. Spend time at some of the Irish Pubs for a unique experience. A movie theater is also located at the mall. If you are looking for a more wholesome experience, then the Mizner Park is your best bet. There is always something to do at Mizner Park.

Mizner Park
433 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 362-0606

Vino Wine Bar
Italian tapas and wine lovers need to head to the Vino Wine Bar if they are in Boca Raton. The Wine Bar has different varieties of wine. There are more than 280 bottles to choose from. The kitchen remains open up until midnight and serves some of the best Italian tapas. It has a feeling of a Jazz Club from a time gone by. Experience something different when you visit the Vino Wine Bar and leave satisfied.

Vino Wine Bar
114 NE 2nd St
Boca Raton, FL 33432
(561) 869-0030

A club which boasts a two-level restaurant and has an artistic appeal unlike any other is Dada. The food served at the bar is just out of this world. If you want to have the night of your life, then dance your night away at Dada. Try the food such as penne pasta that has brie, crab and tomatoes or beef tenderloin which has been sugarcane skewered. Some events are always taking place at the bar such as poetry slams, live band performance, and even fashion shows. Enjoy live entertainment and spend your night at the best bar in Boca Raton. Dada is considered to be the most popular bars in the city.

52 N Swinton Ave
Delray Beach FL 33444
(561) 330-3232

Come join us at Waterford Bay Apartments and enjoy everything Boca Raton and the Floridian Lifestyle has to offer.

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Best Beaches in Boca Raton

Summer is right around the corner and what that means is that it is time to get your tan on. If you are looking for the next best beach experience, then living in Boca Raton is just what you need to kick start your summer. Boca Raton is known for its pristine beaches and beautiful waters. It is also referred to as paradise in Florida. The southeastern coast surrounds it.

There are plenty of parks and golf courses in the city. Boca Raton has some of the best beaches in the entire state of Florida. The four most popular beaches in Boca Raton are South Inlet Park, South Beach, Red Reef, and Bark Beach. Each of these beaches has a beauty of its own. Living at Waterford Bay Apartments in Boca Raton isn’t complete without having visited the beaches.

Red Reef

The Red Reef has the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center which is a beauty of its own. There is a sea turtle sanctuary, butterfly garden and trails to escape from life in. It is the perfect place to start you vacation in Boca Raton. Let loose at the Red Reef and have the time of your life. Swim in the majestic waters of the Red Reef or just enjoy the Floridian hospitality. There is always something going on at the beach. If you want to get a tan or just party at the beach during the summer, then the Red Reef has got you covered.

South Inlet Park

Sometimes, all you need is the sound of soothing waves moving, so if you want something peaceful, the South Inlet Park will be the sanctuary that you need. It is known for its beauty. Whether, you want to spend some time alone, with a partner or some friends, it is the perfect place to have a great time. Lose your inhibitions and enjoy your time at the South Inlet Park. Just about everyone knows that it is the ideal place for finding peace.

South Beach

The South Beach has some of the most wonderful beach landscape. People flock to the beach every year in search of the best getaway. It is perfect for your instagram photos or a romantic time with your significant other. Honeymooners can be found relaxing their time away at the beach and spending time with their partners. The feeling of being at South Beach is unlike any other. The nightlife is amazing and you might end up bumping into a celebrity while you are there.

Bark Beach

Have a furry friend? As the name implies, Bark Beach is Dog-Friendly. Dogs are allowed to run off leash and have fun in the sun with you. The Bark Beach has gorgeous waters and is just the place you need to go to get away from everything. The beach is full of life, and something is happening all the time. If you want to enjoy life to the fullest, then Bark Beach is the place to go to. Soothe your senses at the beach with plenty of beach resorts making it easy for you to stay at the beach and just walk to your hotel.

Did we miss any of your favorite beaches?  Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any other suggestions.

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The perfect spot in Boca Raton, Waterford Bay Apartments

Boca Raton is the southernmost city in Palm Beach County, Florida. Boca Raton is known for higher education, a plethora of jobs and delicious food. Moreover, it has many amazing places all around. It is the home to the main campus of  Florida Atlantic University and also Lynn University. It has beaches and parks to enhance its beauty. Boca Raton in a sense is a dream city, you have paradise all around and a plethora of job opportunities.

Boca Raton has many apartments ranging from lower class to luxurious. There are few top listed luxury apartments, and along with them, Waterford bay is ranking high on the scale due to its most exceptional location. Waterford bay located in the center of the Boca Raton, meaning you can reach your desired destination in no time. Furthermore, it is close to the beach as well. Waterford surrounds by the number of great attractions and many schools. Here are a few things that are close to the Waterford bay complex:

Florida Atlanta University:

Boca Raton is considered to be the home of the main campus of Florida Atlanta University. Waterford bay is just a mile away from this university.


Many other schools that are close to Waterford bay. They are just a few minutes away.


One of the best hospitals near Waterford Bay Apartments is The Regional Hospital, and you can reach that in no time.

Whole Foods Market:

The Wholefood market is the biggest chain of organic grocery certifies by USDA in the U.S. this food market is also nearby luxury living apartments of Waterford bay.


Waterford bay is 10 minutes away from south beach park in Boca Raton. You can quickly go there to enjoy your time whenever you want to.


Waterford bay is the center point to all the parks.
a. James A. Rutherford Park.
b. Lake Wyman Park.
c. Red Reef Park.
d. Silver Palm Park.
e. Mizner Park.

Town Center Mall:

It is the third largest international mall in south Florida. Along with that, it’s one of the most excellent conventional shopping malls of Boca Raton.

Restaurants and cafes:

Waterford bay is only a few minutes away from your favorite food outlets and cafes. You can easily enjoy the nightlife in the cafes nearby, and you can enjoy your quality time with quality food from highly famed restaurants in Boca Raton.


There are few museums close to Waterford bay like:
a. Museum of arts.
b. Children’s museum.
c. Historical Society and Museum.

Gumbo Nature Nature center:

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is also located near to Waterford bay complexes.

These are just some of the mentioned locations that are close to Waterford Bay Apartments. What more you can ask for to live in such a desired place that is suitable for all sort of residents along with the luxury living in Boca Raton.
Whether you are a student or a working professional, give Waterford Bay Apartments a call to make it your new home!  Call (561) 220-6398 to learn more about Housing in Boca Raton today!

Luxury living ten minutes away from the beach in Boca Raton

Have you ever dreamed of spending your quality time in a luxury apartment near to the beach? Most people plan their holidays for such a fantastic location. Boca Raton is a peaceful Palm Beach County with countless amazing attractions. The beach is the best place for youth, fun-lovers, and if you have your luxury living close to that, then it will be the perfect place for you.

Waterford bay is located in the center of the desirable places, and better yet, the beach is only ten minutes away from these our property.  Luxury is living in the center of Boca Raton and being surrounded by all the best things in life, what more can one ask for in the perfect resident location.

Boca Raton is infamous for its two beach parks, Red Reef Park and South Inlet Park. Red Reef Park is home to the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center that provides the facility of research of marine-related subjects. South Beach Park is the main beach of Boca Raton. Because of these two beaches, Boca Raton is known as the doorway to the best beaches in Florida.

Most of us would love to spend our free time in a luxury apartment to restore energy for upcoming work as both students and employees. Furthermore, how fascinating this idea becomes when you can reach your desire places in no time. Waterford Bay Apartments has countless amenities with reasonable prices to offer. It’s like your dream comes true.

Waterford Bay Apartments provides a vast number of facilities included with their exceptional services and affordable prices. Location is one of our strongest assets, you are just a few minutes away from the Whole Foods Market, Regional Hospital, coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes.

What else is there to look for before selecting an apartment for our luxury living. Waterford bay apartments are suitable for all kinds of residents. They provide every possible feature of luxury living to their residents including free Wi-Fi with high-speed internet. Have pets? Waterford bay is pet friendly for you to keep your most lovable furry little pets with you.

Waterford bay complex provides quality life with a fitness center, swimming pool, volleyball court, outside grill station, picnic spots and open spaced parking spaces. Also, we offer fully furnished apartments, spacious closets, large kitchen with granite counters, and a spacious common sharing room with screened porch. We have highly delicate décor designed by professionals to give you a cooling effect. Excellent couches provide you unexplainable comfort. What more is luxury living defined by?

Give us a call at (561) 220-6398 to discover Waterford Bay Apartments. One of our leasing staff would be happy to help.

Waterford bay is the perfect location that is hard to beat. Close to some of the best beaches in Florida is Waterford bay apartments. Waterford Bay Apartments has the best management provided by Styles Property, we will ensure your comfort and offer every facility and service possible. Its unique but excellent combination to live your life in luxury and discover the great places nearby!




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